Proactive and Holistic Financial and Tax Planning

A comprehensive financial planning process for the future, including tax planning, that recognizes the need for identifying the personal values and hopes of the individual, creating goals and developing an investment strategy that meets and exceeds those goals.

The result: personally fulfilling and socially responsible wealth achievement that enables the individual and family to enjoy a much higher quality of life, peace of mind, optimism for the future, and sense of family legacy and community contribution and leadership.


Personal wealth impacts all aspects of the quality of life. An individual and his or her family who have well defined goals, and the abundance of resources to achieve those goals and contribute to the community in which they live, are much more likely to feel confidence about both the present and the future. Further, they can positively impact their community, whether social, religious or civic.

Individuals and Families Thrive
when Three Critical Strengths are Aligned


Vision Power

Successful people have a deep understanding of themselves, and construct a meaningful vision for their future. Based on clear identification of their own values, and their aspirations for themselves and those who rely upon them, this vision articulates how they intend to live their lives, enjoy the present, and prepare for the future. This vision also takes into account their personalities, and personal history and experiences as asset, but goes beyond the limit of their past and resources. We will guide you to leverage not only what you have, but also who you are, and create a future for you and your family that truly fulfills you, for generations. In the process, we may create a gap which will be an inspiration for you to grow.


Abundance Power

The resources of a person are seen as precious and as a reward for their efforts, and the growth of their assets and the effective utilization of them become a primary focus. Income enhancement, reduction of risk and waste, and conservation and management of resources become important goals. Wealth creation is seen as the enabler of achieving a person’s higher goals, not just as the accumulation of money. When we stand at a place of power, abundance, love, and contribution, wealth grows organically in the long run.


Confidence Power

Successful individuals develop trust in their ability to maintain and increase wealth, and to be relied upon by others in situations both advantageous and disadvantageous. The confident individual and his or her family are valued members of the community and make a worthwhile contribution to the improvement of the lives they impact. The individual and family also accept their role and responsibility as community members and inspire confidence in others. This confidence gives us peace of mind, power, and freedom to create our future I any circumstances.

HOW and WHO?

Everyone at almost all points in their adult lives must be thoughtful about their financial security and resource development. The financial planning process reveals perceptions of individual worth, evaluations of previous successes and failures, as well as possible new directions that might not currently be on the individual’s radar. We are a safe space for all your worries, regrets, and all of your past to show up, and will disappear in your speaking and our listening.

An annual evaluation is facilitated by the financial planner and the individual participates in reviewing past performance and current conditions. Together, a vision for the person’s future is crafted, both for the long and short terms. The resulting conclusions are summarized into an action plan for the year to come, with measurable benchmarks to evaluate success.

Financial and tax planning becomes a way for the individual to participate in their family’s security and the improvement of society. Although originally initiated for the funding of the governmental institutions which the individual and family share with the rest of their community, the taxation regulations and requirements have traditionally also been designed to encourage certain investment and spending behaviors while discouraging others. Effective tax planning, therefore, not only helps the individual meet their own wealth-building goals, but also contributes to the larger society’s goals. Effective tax planning therefore has positive benefits for both the individual and the greater community.

Once each quarter, the financial planner contacts the individual to determine if any events have occurred in the interim that impact the financial plan. Adjustments are made as necessary.

The individual receives a monthly bulletin about recent developments in the economy and news about current ideas regarding wealth management. Individual personal development is achieved through a series of insightful client-only webinars available at anytime to the individual through the financial planner’s website. Topics include:  how to plan for college financial aid and scholarship, how to use not so well known strategies to save tax, how to use advanced strategies for your business tax planning etc.


There is never a wrong time to initiate a financial planning process. The financial planner is available for  video or in person meetings and appointments can be scheduled using the calendar on the planner’s website.


Abundance! A visionary financial plan for the future which brings the maximum possible resources to the individual and the family. That which will most enhance the individual’s financial position is identified, preserved and perpetuated. Unnecessary or inefficient financial activities are replaced with vision-specific efforts and investments. The holistic financial plan creates measurable, remarkable personal wealth.

To discover how you can create a future partnering with us, please schedule a 45 minutes complementary video meeting with us.