Deadline for Filing to Get Employee Retention Credit & Why You Should File Now

Employee Retention Tax Credit Updates & Facts in 2023

As we all know by now, qualified employers can still claim the Employee Retention Credit retroactively, but this doesn’t mean we have a long time to do so!

Knowing when the deadline to file to get ERC is not enough, you also must consider all the nuances of filing like how long IRS process your forms and the issues that can come with it.

Join Michelle Koppel E.A. in this latest video where she explains when the deadline is and why you should not wait last minute to file!

We’re HZ CPAs & Advisors PC and we offer Employee Retention Credit Assistance Services where we assist businesses to do all the paperwork, calculations, and laws regarding ERC and we will make sure to help you get this credit and save all supporting data in case of audit.

If you need assistance getting ERC before it fully disappears, you can directly contact our Enrolled Agent and ERC-expert – Michelle Koppel EA via her email: or directly book a meeting with her by using this link:


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