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Whether you are a for profit or exempt organization, we are clear with your commitment for your social, environmental, and financial success holistically. In addition, you may receive funding from public sources. You are committed for integrity, accountability, and transparency. We are experts in the field and will help you uphold your integrity with impeccable thoroughness. Our unique proactive auditing has been a holistic, best value created, best practice for the social sector.

Our unique proactive auditing creates the most value for you at the lowest cost. While meeting your need for audit and tax filing, we also help you design and improve your accounting, budgeting, and planning systems to tell your story loud and proud. We help you to develop the resources you need for your mission and create a sustainable operation for the long run.

Unique Services

We can Support you in the Following Areas


Fundraising starts with Strategic planning and business planning. We will help you design your business model, value creation process, vision and goals and strategies to accomplish your goals. We will help you to apply for grants like the America Seed Fund. We will help you to apply industry specific grants such as CalSeed, BRIDGE and RAMP program and Pasadena Angels etc.

Employee Stock Ownership Plan

ESOP is not only a tax efficient retirement plan, but also a great financing tool, and possible exit strategy. Coupled with Incentive Stock Option Plans, we can help you create a culture of ownership and champion performance team.


Beyond the traditional IPO process, we will also work with you to explore other options such as Direct Listing, reverse merger, and listing on alternative exchanges such as in Canada or Australia.

E-Share Management

We partner with to issue e-shares and manage your cap table. Investors can subscribe shares through and all documents are signed electronically, saving time and confusion. Cap table is updated automatically in real time. All shareholder communication is integrated in one place with integrity.

Strategic and Proactive Tax and Financial Planning

Along with ESOP, we can also take advantage of other strategies, such as 401k plans, defined benefit plan, cash balance and profit sharing plan, 401h plan, Qualified Small Business Stock, Opportunity Zone Investment, Renewable Energy Credit, Research and Development Tax Credit, Cost Segregation, Asset acquisition, sales, exchange, lease, and depreciation strategies, transfer pricing etc.

Direct Listing

Direct listings have increasingly been gaining attention as a means for a private company to go public. A direct listing refers to the listing of a privately held company’s stock for trading on a national stock exchange (either the NYSE or Nasdaq) without conducting an underwritten offering, spin-off or transfer quotation from another regulated stock exchange.

Founding Team Start Up Equity System

We can help you to use the principals and methods of one of the most fair and thought-through dynamic shareholder valuation system, the to manage your start up equity that will prevent the almost always happens unhappy team conflict. There is no one size fit for all. We will take time to understand your unique situation and desires, and tailor your plan with our unique processes.

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