Technology Ventures

Your technology may change the world. To fulfill your vision, you first need to lay a solid foundation of your business operation system based on your vision. Then you can create your financial stories, raise fund, develop your team, and market your product or service quickly to your target audiences. We will help you design your financial systems, stock ownership systems, compensation and incentive systems, implement them and monitor them as you grow exponentially.

We will work with you to create unique reporting to tell the true performance of your portfolio. This may be different than the need for compliance. For example, you need report realized gain or loss for K1 purpose, but you want your investors to know your valuation gain or loss even though they are not realized. We can create balance sheet increase of investment and equity without impacting profit and loss.

In Addition

We will apply our unique proactive auditing approach to review and monitor your book monthly and update your trust certificate. So that you investors have confidence knowing how their investment is growing.

We will support you in fulfilling your commitment to integrity, accountability, and transparency by filing on time all tax filings including Federal tax return, investor K1s, your state filings, payroll tax filing etc.

When we see a good fit, we will connect you with our potential client investors, and entrepreneurs.