How to Qualify for Employee Retentionn Tax Credit Using Partial Suspension Method?

Employee Retention Tax Credit Updates & Facts in 2023


Many employers are still asking the question of “how to qualify for Employee Retention Credit or ERC?” or “who are eligible for Employee Retention Credit or ERC?” and you might be surprised that almost everyone qualifies and are eligible! Don’t miss your chance to retroactively claim this credit by not being familiar with all of its qualifications.

Join our Enrolled Agent and ERC-Expert, Michelle Koppel EA, as she discusses the laws of ERC and how we determine if an employer or business qualifies for this credit. We help throughout the process of claiming Employee Retention Credit including doing paperwork and calculations. 

If you need assistance getting ERC before it fully disappears, you can directly contact our Enrolled Agent and ERC-expert – Michelle Koppel EA via her email: or directly book a meeting with her by using this link:


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