What is Recovery Startup Business? Get ERTC by filing as Recovery Startup Business?

Employee Retention Tax Credit Updates & Facts in 2023


We understand that there may still be some uncertainties surrounding the criteria for classifying a business as a “Recovery Startup” to get Employee Retention Tax Credit. To address these questions, we’ve enlisted the expertise of our ERTC specialist – Michelle Koppel E.A., where she created this short latest video to provide her knowledge on the Recovery Startup Business Topic!

Have more questions about RTC and how we can help you? Email us at michelle@hzcpas.com or call (949) 397-2053 and we will directly get back to you to answer your questions!


HZ CPAs & Advisors P.C. takes pride in our expertise and competency with ERTC assistance services:

  1. We have a YEARS of experience and have been assisting businesses with Employee Retention Tax Credit CLAIMS SINCE THIS PROGRAM WAS INITIATED IN 2020;
  2. We are licensed Enrolled Agents OF THE IRS and WE ARE CPAs WHO have an established firm that will not disappear when ERTC is no longer available;
  3. We do very careful research and documentation on how you qualify and help you meet all REGULATIONS and laws to properly claim this credit in the unlikely even that you are audited;
  4. We stay by your side until you get your check FROM THE IRS;
  5. We talk directly with the IRS to track your money and make sure everything is getting processed properly and as quickly as possible.

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