IRS Paused Processing of New ERC Claims | What does this mean for you ? Will your claim be affected? What to Expect?

Employee Retention Tax Credit Updates & Facts in 2023


We received breaking news from the IRS yesterday stating that they have halted the processing of new ERC claims in order to combat fraud and scam claims. You may have numerous questions about how this development could impact you, especially if you’ve recently filed or are still in the process of preparing to file.

Join our ERTC expert, Michelle Koppel E.A., as she explains her insights into what this change could mean for you, what to anticipate following this announcement, how you can prevent any complications with your claim, and review a checklist of items that the IRS may scrutinize.

It’s important to note that this pause does not signify an early end to the ERC program, and you should not refrain from filing. Instead, consider it a reminder that working with a licensed professional is crucial to ensure you qualify correctly!

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